Getting Started with FireAdmin

Getting Started

Getting Started With Fire Admin

Signing Up:
Signing up for FireAdmin.Net is quick and easy. The first thing you will need to do is complete the sign-up form and agree to our terms and conditions. Once you submit the completed form our server will create an account for you and then email you your user ID.

When you receive your user ID, use it along with the password you created and log in to your new account. When you log in you will need to create your department's infrastructure before you can really use it. Create the following in the order listed:

  • Create Battalion
  • Create Fire Stations
  • Create User Type (ranks)
  • Create Units/Apparatus
  • Create Shifts
  • Create Users/Personnel
  • Add Notifications
  • Create Calendar Event Types


Create Battalion
Battalions are required within FireAdmin.Net. If you only have one battalion, that is OK, just create a single battalion. You can name battalions whatever you wish. Although, if you use (1,2,3...) then they will be listed in order in page where we list battalions in dropdown lists.

Create Fire Stations
Use this to add fire stations. Naturally, these locations should only include locations where the apparatus is staffed. You can add other facilities or locations in the "Add Apparatus Location" page. see Add Apparatus Location for more information.

Create User Type (ranks)
This page allows you to create the ranks or positions within you organization. These include rank such as Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Chief or whatever. This should also include axillary folks like mechanics. When deciding on what positions to include in this list, think about who will need to receive email notifications. For example, you jurisdiction may share a motive repair facility with other departments within your jurisdiction. In this case you might want to add a mechanic even though the mechanic's salaries are not included in your department budget or personnel list. Do not include vendors in this list.

Create Units/Apparatus
Add all your agency's apparatus using this page. This should include your entire fleet of vehicles. Only include motor vehicles, do not include small engine devices like lawn mowers or other power tools.

Create Shifts
By creating your shifts you will be able to create a calendar that displays the shifts. Additionally, you will be able to use the extensive filtering capabilty of our powerfull email center. The shift requires a shift name i.e., A,B,C and a color associated withthat shift.

Create Users/Personnel
Now you are set to add personnel. If you tried to add personnel before you problably noticed that you were really not able to fully add the user profile information such as station, apparatus assiged to, battalion and so on. As you create personnel, you will be able to assign specific permissions to each user. You should make it a practice of keeping the administrative privilages to a small group of people. Some of the functions allowed to adminstrative users can be very destructive in the wrong hands.

Edit Users
When you signed up for FirerAdmin.Net your first user (you) was created with a minimal of user profile information. Now that you have all the infrastructure set up, you should go back and edit your profile. This will include selecting your rank battalion and so on.

Create Add Notifications
This page will allow you to select who gets notified when an action is taken within a specific module. For example, if you want an EMS Coordinator to get all notifications of EMS supply orders, then create a notification for the EMS Coordinator. Remember that you will first need to create the EMS Coordinator position in the Create User Type page. You can create as many notifications as you wish. It is important to note that FireAdmin.Net will send an email to all folks assigned to an apparatus when a repair ticket is submitted for that specific appratus. In thatv case you might want to create a notification for a battalion chief, operations chief or who ever might be approriate.

Create Calendar Event Types
When you create events for your calendar you will need to select the type of event you are entering. Event types might include events like; training, CE, Appratus maintenace, etc,. Creating event types will allow you to search or filter your calendar.

You are now ready to start entering data into your account. Please refer to the knowledge base for other advanced features. If you have any questions you can always contact via email.