Emergency Call Back Crews

Call Back
Our Callback and Stand-by Crew module allows you to create crews who can be called back into service with just a couple of mouse clicks and a short set of instructions. Our Call Back system uses cell phone texting and email to notify your members.
Creating a call back or stand-by crew is very simple. Just log into your FireAdmin account and click on the "Create Call Back Crew List". This will bring up the page where you select and define the crew. First, make sure the date is the date that you want you members to be on call for the assignment. Next, you will want to create a name for the crew. This can be as simple as "Crew 1" or whatever you want describes the crew. "When filled contact" is the person that will be contacted by our system once the crew is filled. This could be a battalion chief or shift commander or whoever you feel should be contacted once the crew is filled. Our server does the notification automatically once the last crew member signs up for the call back crew.
Next, you will be selecting which ranks you want to be included in the call back crew. Simply press and hold down the "ctrl" ket while clicking on the ranks you want in the crew. We also provide a comment section where you can enter a comment. The size of the comment is limited to 140 characters. Once you have entered everything, click on the "Create Crew" and our system will email and text everyone in your agency. Keep in mind that your members must add their cell phone number in their profile in oder to get the text message.
If you need to add multiple assignments for one rank (say you want two firefighters spots), you can do that once you create the crew. You will be given an option of adding additional positions after the call back crew is created. In this page you can also delete a position. To add a position click on the crew icon for the position.
Once your members recieve the text message or notification, they can log into FireAdmin and view the sign up list. The list will display all call back crews. The member then choses a call back crew and clicks on the icon to move to the next page.
The member now clicks on the appropriate rank. We do allow any rank to select other ranks in the sign-up list. This is because some members may be eligable to move up or down. Once the member selects a position, the position is locked up. The list will also display who has accepted each assignment. Once all the positions have been filled, our system will notify the person you have designated to get notified that the crew is filled.
In some instances your members will recieve a text message but may not have access to the FireAdmin web site. For example, they may be on the road. In this case, they can call in and have someone assign them to a call back crew. In this case the person managing the call back crew will log in and use the "Manual Sign Up" link. This page is very similar to the Sign-up page we just talked about. The user now clicks on the crew icon. Which will take you to the manual sign-up page.
Here you can see that a couple of members have already signed up. The firefighter position is the only one available. To manually sign up a member, just use the drop down list and locate the member you wish to assign to the crew. Then click on the "Assign Call Back" just below the drop down list. The member is now assigned to the crew. Our system will notify the member that he or she was assigned to the crew.
If you need to make changes to the call back crew, say, you need to change personnel or delete an assignment, then go to the "Manage Call Back Crews" link. There you can make those changes. The page will display active call back crews. Here you can delete the entire call back crew in one mouse click. To do that just click on the "X" or delete icon. If you need to make personnel changes, then click on the crew icon for the crew you wish to edit or modify.
Here you can do several things. You can delete the member from the assignment by clicking on the delete icon for the desired position. Or you can change personnel for a position. Say firefighter Johnson can no longer committ to the assignment and firefighter Smith will; take the assignment. Use this page to make the change. To do that just click on the "pencil" or edit icon then select the person who will be taking the persons place in the call back crew.
Once you have your crew created and filled, you can then recall then whenever you need to. To call back a crew, login to FireAdmin and click on the "Call Back Crew" link. This page will show all the call back crews that you have created.
Select the crew to call back by clicking on the "Call back This Crew" button. You will be asked to confirm that you actually want to call back a crew. Click OK to continue.
Now you can add a comment or instructions to the call back crew. The instructions will be sent via text message.