FireAdmin Email

Email & Text
Communicating with fire service personnel is becoming more and more important. FireAdmin has worked hard to incorporate this email technology into it's web based application. Our system allows you to select whom to send email messages to. Unlike other systems where you need to create groups before you can send messages, FireAdmin allows you to create the list on the fly. Simply select the criteria, compose the message and submit. That is all there is to it.
For example, lets say you want to send an email message to all B-shift captains. With our system you simply select the shift and rank, compose your message and submit. You can also add different criteria like: battalion or apparatus.
FireAdmin also offers you one other way of sending email messages, that is through our department roster. There you can pick a member to email. It is a very easy and simple method of communicating via email message. The roster shows you who you can email by displaying a large "@" to indicate the user has an email listed. Just click on the "@" and compose and submit your message.
One other nice feature about FireAdmin.Com's email system, is that you can also email committee members. We have a page that allows you to select a committee to send an email to. When you submit the email, all members of the committee receive the email.
This module is just one of the over twenty modules that are available to you. FireAdmin.Com is a great tool that will allow you to manage your day to day operations. The best thing is that is mostly paperless and we keep everyone informed along the way.