EMS Supplies

FireAdmin.Com offers an EMS supply management module that allows fire departments to manage their EMS supply ordering and EMS supply tracking. Our module will allow your fire stations to order EMS supplies using our paperless system. When an order is requested you can have the system automatically notify the EMS supply administrator of the order. The order can be processed and tracked. Our system is very flexible. You can allow users to add new EMS items on the fly or only allow users to order items you approve. Our system also allows you to create one big EMS order per facility by appending an order form or create individual orders, the choice is yours.
The FireAdmin system is very usefull in preparing your EMS supply budgets by allowing you to see supply usage in a very detailed way. You can create reports based on facility or by EMS item. This allows you to see EMS supply usage by station and is a great way to assist you in budgeting EMS supplies.
Getting your EMS supply list up and going is very easy. The first thing you do is set up EMS item catagories. This will allow you to arrange items in some common way. Once you create a catagory you can disable it or edit it if need be. Administering your EMS supplies requires the user has permissions set to allow adding or editing EMS supplies.
Once you have set up categories, you simply start adding EMS items. The process is pretty straight forward and very intuitive. You also have an option of allowing users to add new EMS items on the fly. Naturally, you can disable this function if you want total control on what EMS items you want folks to be able to order.
Ordering EMS supplies is very simple. First provide permission to those folks you wish to be able to order EMS supplies. By this we mean within your organization for purposes of ordering for a specific fire station. The users then login and request EMS supplies via our order form. The form can be set up two ways. Create one supply request for each EMS order for each station or to append EMS supply items to one EMS order for each fire station.
Next the EMS Supply administrator can then fill EMS supply orders. Here he selects the order and then packages the items for shippment to the fire station.
The EMS administrator can view open orders via the EMS Open Orders page.
Through the View Open Orders, administrators have some flexibility in editing or deleting EMS orders. An administrator can delete the entire order or delete an item from the order.
This module is just one of the over twenty modules that are available to you. FireAdmin.Com is a great tool that will allow you to manage your day to day operations. The best thing is that is is mostly paperless and we keep everyone informed along the way.