Fire Hose Tracking

Fire Hose
FireAdmin.Com offers a hose maintenance and inventory module. Our module allows you to add hose individually or in mass numbers. We also make it possible to number your hose so that you can track it through out its life.
If you make repairs to a piece of hose you can record the repairs as well. This module is a great way for you to manage you fire hose.
We have several ways for you to search and find the hose in your inventory. Our most basic approach is the basic search where all you do is enter the hose ID. Once you submit the search the system will query our database and locate the hose if it is listed in the system. From the results page you can perform many functions such as adding repairs, editing hose information or viewing hose history details.
Our advanced search allows you to tighten your search criteria so that you can locate hose using several hose specifications. Maybe you do not have an ID number, then our advanced search is your best bet. Our advanced search can return many records for different hoses in inventory. So you can also search by date ranges, hose size, length or request in-service or hose that has been taken out of service.
FireAdmin.Com offer you many ways of adding hose into your inventory. One of those pages is our "Add New Fire Hose" page. This is where you can add a single piece of hose. Additionally, you can have the system paste all the details you entered into the next add hose page. That reduces the amount of data you need to enter as you add new hose. The only thing you need to add is the Hose ID number. To paste data onto the next entry, just click on the "Paste data onto next hose entry" check box.
One of the greatest tools we have in the hose module is the ability to add many sections of hose in just one entry. If you just received a lot of hose, chances are they are sequentially numbered. Well, you can then use our "Mass Sequential Add" feature. Here you can add as many sections of hose as you wish. You just add all the common information and then set the sequential numbering scheme. Then just submit the information. Our server will then add all the sections of hose, all with their own ID number.
FireAdmin.Com provides you with a way to record and track your hose testing. The neat thing about FireAdmin's system is that we allow you to enter many hose sections that have been tested with just one record entry. Just group your tested hose into one group (size) and then add tested hose by simply add the ID number separated by a comma. That is it! We make it simple to add hose testing data.
As you repair hose you will most likely want to record those repairs for each section of hose. Our hose repair feature not only allows you to enter the repair, but also allows you to add the hose testing for the repair. No need to add the repair and then add a hose test for the same section of hose. With Fireadmin, you just enter it once through our repair form.
This module is just one of the over twenty modules that are available to you. FireAdmin.Com is a great tool that will allow you to manage your day to day operations. The best thing is that is mostly paper less and we keep everyone informed along the way.