Fire Apparatus Fleet Repair

Fire Apparatus
FireAdmin.Com provides it users with a apparatus module. The module allows you to completely manage your automotive fleet. Some of the feature include:
  • Add repair order
  • View repair history
  • Motives/mechanics restricted portal
With you can write up repairs and send them electronically to your automotive department. They can then schedule and update the progress of repairs. Everyone is kept in the loop. FireAdmin.Com sends everyone assigned to the apparatus email updates as work or changes occur. is a great way to manage your fleet!
The module ties into the FireAdmin department calendar. When shops schedules a repair, the system automatically enters the appointment onto the department calendar and sends an email to everyone assigned to the apparatus in question. It will also send an email to anyone you have selected to manage and administer your apparatus maintenance.
Creating a repair ticket is very straight forward. The user opens an apparatus repair ticket and then completes the form and submits it. The ticket is then sent to your motives department and to every one assigned to the apparatus. The system will also send a copy to anyone you have selected to receive notices. If the user sets the priority to "High" then the system will send a text message to your mechanics.
This is the text of the email that you would receive. It provides all of the information you need to see to understand what is going on with a unit. Our system requires that each unit get issued a vehicle ID that stays with that unit through out its life. That way we can track all repairs and updates for that unit.
Your shops can also schedule appointments for your apparatus. When submitted it will automatically place the appointment onto the department calendar. Additionally, the appointments can be recurring, so you only have to create the appointment just once. why is this a good idea? Say you want to make sure your members check the brake travel of your apparatus once a week. Just make it a recurring event and it will show up on the department calendar to remind your people about the inspection. Your shops can also use it to schedule preventative maintenance on a regular basis.
As your shops works on apparatus or wants to update people on the progress of repairs, they just complete a update report. When submitted it is sent via email to all of the members assigned to the apparatus as well as anyone you have selected to monitor apparatus repairs. This is what makes FireAdmin such a great tool. As with most of our modules, FireAdmin works hard to keep everyone informed on issues that are relevant to them.
Anyone can view the history of any apparatus repair. This view is an example of a work order an the update that was made as it made its way through repairs. The top portion is the original repair ticket. Below the grey box is the update/s made by the motives department. FireAdmin also has search capabilities to find work orders by specific search criteria.
This module is just one of the over twenty modules that are available to you. FireAdmin.Com is a great tool that will allow you to manage your day to day operations. The best thing is that it is mostly paper less and we keep everyone informed along the way.