New Agency Member Communication Feature

FireAdmin has just released a new internal messaging system. A FireAdmin agency proposed a new messaging system that will allow you to text or email new defined groups within your organization. In the past you have been able to send emails based on many different email list criteria such as: shift, rank and apparatus. You also have the ability to send messages to your agency committees.
Now, you can create what we call 'Skill sets'. This can include things like: Nurse, Paramedic, Tactical Unit, Civilian EMT, etc. You can add as many as you wish. Then when you need to communicate with them, just login and go to the 'Email-Text' in the main navigation plane. There you will see the 'Skill Sets' texting and email links. Select the group, compose the message and submit the message.
To create Skill Sets, just go to the main administration page, then under the 'General Configuration' panel you will see the 'Add/Edit Skill Sets' link.